Them Baby Blues

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{6 Month Milestone}
Petite Session
That's all I see are her eyes.  They shine don't they? More like sparkle or have that twinkle.  Now add the adorable little face and outfit and call it a day because when it all comes together like this I break out the happy dance.  Little E's session was at sunrise on Clearwater Beach at Pier 60.  It was nice to meet her sweet little family who are new to the Tampa Bay area.  I was thankful for the opportunity they gave me to capture this moment for them.  


Hanging with Mr. C

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Mom's roots lie here in Clearwater and when they came back for a family vacation she wanted to capture her childhood memories through the eyes of her sweet baby boy.  He was a gem, so easy and happy.  All he wanted to do was chase those seagulls around until he found the water and there was no way he was getting out.  Children are such a gift and a good reminder to allow yourself to have a childlike mind.  To let go, have fun, and do a lot of smiling at the simple joys.


That Sibling Bond

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{Ella & Payton}
Petite Session
I spent two years getting to know these two.  We are connect by preschool and my little girl deems that she is besties with Ella.  I was so exceed when their mamma asked me to capture this moment, as you can see Ella and Payton have a special sibling bond.  There’s so much love, kindness, & silliness they share.  These times in our children’s life go by so quickly, its so important to capture it because when you blink that moment has gone and all you have left to remember is a sweet, sweet picture.

Those Big Blue Eyes

June 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
{6 Month Milestone}
I think these 6 month milestone sessions are one of my favorites to photograph.  All they want to do is sit and smile.  Hey, I'll take it all day long!  And this one was a bonus because of those baby blues. Just precious. Loved this little family.  Can't wait for him to come back and see me for his One Year & Smash Cake!


Cierra and her Son

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{Mommy & Me}
Petite Session
Lets get right down to it, I love capturing emotion.  I think because it shows so much love in a picture.  I understand that you have to have that one great shot of everyone perfectly smiling at the camera but those candid moments are pretty special.  That's what Cierra wanted when she asked to have her little one and her photographed in these sweet special moments.  I was excited for the opportunity to do this for and the results were perfection.



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{the Shaw family}
Family Portraits
I never knew the impact a hashtag could be until I met Courtney and her family.  She contacted me via email to schedule a family season while visiting Florida on vacation.  They live in Minnesota (like the opposite of Florida!)  It wasn't until mid way through the shoot that I learned she found me thorough instagram searching for Dunedin photographers.  I love that! And to top it off she requested to have a sunrise session done.  Which I was totally down for because it was my first one.  The colors in the sky were  beautiful shades of orange and pink.  Jack and Julia were great kids to work with too.  It made my job very easy.




"You Never Go Out of Style"

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{the Whitt Family}
Styled Session
 You might recognize this A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. family from the brand story video.  I specifically chose Markie and clan to have them in the video.  I wanted to showcase them in a unique and personal way but also because this was a styled session.  Markie and I collaborated form months on the vision she wanted to have portrayed for her photographs.  We aimed for whimsical with a musicality.  From the outfits that were chose to the instruments and location all had to be right to make the vision into a reality.  I was so pleased at how this all came together.  And I'm hoping to shoot more of the styled sessions.  Both unique to the family and something fun and different.  


Bribing For Smiles

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{Kenzie, A.J. Parker & Ty}
Petite Session - Birthdays
Kids, they grow up so stinkin' fast, if you blink you might miss it.  This is the second year I've had these 4 awesome kids to capture their birthday pictures.  It's aways a little chaotic because each has their own big personalities.  I do a lot of chasing around and keeping the peace.  And bribing works pretty good too.  Some of my favorite kiddos to shoot.  So full of love for one another and life as well.  


She's Got It All

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{Harriet Wingrove}
Senior Portraits
I know God puts people in your life for particular reasons and she was one of them!  Why? becasu way before she chose USF for her undergrad studies her first choice was The University of Alabama, my alumni university!  I knew we would have a great session together.  Like many of my other clients Harried had an idea of what she wanted for her Graduation portraits.  She gave me lots of ideas as shared a secret pinterest board and she brought all the important shots she wanted covered.  I was so pleased with how they all came out.  She was a dream to work with too, so easy and fun.  Join me in congratulation Harriet as she completed a huge milestone, next up she'll be pursuing her Doctoral Degree in Medicine.


Young In Love

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{Jesse & Reanna}
I met these two in my connect group at church, they were boyfriend and girlfriend.  Then last May they got engaged and now has given me the opportunity to shoot their engagement session.  Their wedding was in Charleston, one of my favorite places in the whole world.  We were thankful to be able to share in their beautiful day.  And in addition to being there, some of my favorites from their session was beautifully framed and showcased at the reception venue.  Love these two to pieces and I've loved being able to be a part of their life.  



God is in the Details

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{Carrie Cotter}
Senior Portraits
God is in all the details.  Let me explain.  I randomly picked this location because it has a little urban feel without there being tons of traffic.  What was really cool is that when we all drove up to meet for Carrie's session, her mom Gretchen told me that this used to be an old Library and the same one she used to bring Carrie to when she was a little girl.  OMGosh!!! are you serious?  I love that.  How special was it to capture some fun images of Carrie at the very place she used to visit as a kid.  So then we ventured to a beautiful park to finish up.  Carrie was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. and so striking. Made my job super easy. Not only is she beautiful but smart too, she'll be going to U.F. this fall.  Congratulations!!

Sweet Little Love

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{Newborn Lifestyle}
There has been so many new babies in my life I feel like Jesus might be hinting the same for me. What!?!  Here is another Lifestyle session with one of my favorite clients.  We got this little one nice and sleepy before moving him around into his sweet sisters arms.  The only one who didn't get wet was him Mama.  You can tell he loves her the most!


Pretty in Pink

March 24, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
Only a few weeks away from becoming a first time momma to a sweet little girl, Alina was glowing in this soft dress.  This session was relaxed and effortless.  My favorite shots from this session were the ones where you can see the adoration in which Dave has for his wife.  I'm sure the same kind of love by both will be reflected upon their new creation.

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