Tampa Bay: What to wear for family beach pictures.

“Soooo, what do you think we should wear?” is THE question I get asked after scheduling the date and deciding on a Tampa Bay area beach for the shoot location. Look no further my friend, I’m going to happily answer this popular question for you! Because let’s face it, wardrobe is tough to choose but it’s pretty important, especially for having pictures taken on a beautiful beach.

mom daughter beach picture
Honeymoon Island, Dunedin FL

First thing’s first! Start with a color scheme. Take my advice: wear neutrals!!! Here’s why…they are classic, they are timeless and they draw your attention into the beautiful interaction happening in the image rather than, bold colors or patterns. Whites, light grays, cream, off white can all be combined with pastels like light pink, rose, or light blues. Think about the natural colors of the ocean, sand, sunset and try to match the environment.

clearwater beach family pictures
Sand Key, Clearwater Beach

Once you figured out colors, move on to outfit choices. Mama, you always find your outfit first then, build the rest of the family around you. Look for outfits that offer movement. One of my favorite suggestions are long, flowy, off the shoulder dresses Here’s example of one I found from Forever 21 that is relatively affordable. This mama pictured below is wearing one she purchased on Amazon for around $30. Maxi dresses are beautiful too. Just remember, think long and flowy.

dunedin mom and son on the beach
Honeymoon Island, Dunedin Florida

If you’re not comfy in a dress and you’re wanting something more relaxed, a classic pair of good fitted jeans and a white t-shirt is always an easy go to. Bonus, you probably already have these two pieces in your closet at home thus saving you a couple of bucks.

baby and mom on beach honeymoon island
Honeymoon Island, Duendin Florida
sunset dunedin florida
Honeymoon Island, Dunedin Florida

Next up, KIDDOS! You already know how to dress those beautiful babies of yours. You just have to match colors with what you’ve already picked out for yourself. But, if you want my advice, choose a button down with some neutral shorts for the boy and a cute little sundress for your girl.

kid beach pictures clearwater florida
Honeymoon Island, Dunedin Florida

Lastly, dad! Super easy! A nice plain button down shirt either short or long sleeve (with a sleeve or two rolled up) and a pair of chino style shorts or jeans. Another shirt option is a plain t-shirt with a crew or v-neck. What I would encourage not to do is polos. My husband fights me so hard with this issue because that’s all he wears. But, I made him wear the button down for our family photos and he looked soooo good.

Here’s a few more pieces of advice… all outfits should be relatively fitted. You want something that looks good on you. For example, I was having a hard time finding a shirt for my daughter to wear with her super cute tulled skirt. I had found the perfect shirt but it was a tad bit big for her. So I got a little creative and tied a knot on the side of it to make it look a little more fitted, worked out perfectly!

If you’re feeling like your outfits are a little too neutral and you need a little bit more color, add to it using accessories. Add a necklace with a little bit of color or a cute wrap. A flower crown for little girls are always super cute or a bow tie for your boy.

beach photography tampa bay
Clearwater Beach, Florida

So that’s a wrap my friend! I hope I’ve been a little helpful to you. And when in doubt, send me a picture of what you have put together and I would be more than happy to offer you my advice. Wardrobe is one of the most important parts of the planning process and I want you to absolutely adore your photos and look great in them!




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