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Ok TRUTH, I'm terrible at blogging, it's hard to keep up but I'm learning that it's kind of important.  I'm going to make every effort to make it happen.  2018 will be my year of blogging from this day forward!!!  Please PRAY for me.   And to start I've decided to begin with my most recent session, it also just so happens that the pretty momma pictured happens to be an incredible writer/blogger herself ( I'm taking notes y'all....

So now that I've pepped talked myself into blogging, can I tell you how much I loved this raw, real session.  I wish I could have included all 200 images in this post but I highlighted these specifically because I wanted to show you their story, a glimpse into everyday moments of parenthood.  Particularly Mom!  She's pretty amazing. Her faith is deep, her love for her family is the same.  There is a lot of beautiful light that shines in her home not only from a photography perspective but, also from a spiritual sense.  She would probably say that I've given her treasured memories but really the gift was given to me - - - the gift of BEING INSPIRED.

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Rain, rain, go away!

Well, it was raining when we were scheduled for their session.  They have an incredible piece of property and we were going to have the perfect little family shoot.  But then mother nature decided to make it wet.  We  improvised and had an incredible lifestyle session in their home.  Which ended up being PERFECTION!

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She got Promoted to Big Sis

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Ivor Brantley Once again, Im so behind on blogging but I'm also officially in busy season.  It's still important to add some extra love to the website every now and then.  So while I may not be able to write about the fun little details of each session I can add some of my favorite images from their beautiful galleries. 

Enjoy! Nina

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Pretty Little Mama I mean for real this was one of my favorites, most prettiest maternity sessions I think I've ever shot and it kind of helps that Momma is stunning!  Can I tell you that when everything comes together magic happens.  What I mean by this is location, wardrobe/styling, and the perfect baby bump.  All of this happened because a lot of planning is involved prior to this moment.  This is why I send out the questionnaires and styling guide (that's not quite finished yet) to help in creating beautiful images such as these.  Wardrobe is such a intricate part of the session, it almost serves as a prop in some way.  Pretty soon I'll be blogging about the importance of styling and wardrobe and give you some help on where to shop for specific pieces inexpensively. 

I also want to congratulate these two as we have prayed for this child for a long time. Look out for their newborn lifestyle session once he makes his debut into the world...

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Milestone x's Two

I should go back and include images that I've done of this little one when I began this whole journey.  She was my first little client and my first sweet newborn.   Safe to say I've come a long way since 2014 but what's fun is to see progress.  To know how hard I was working back then is now paying off today.  All the studying, learning, practicing to achieve the kind of art I hope to portray in each session.  I'm getting there, my only challenge is believing in myself a little more.  Whenever I photograph Mia Im always, always reminded of the beginning, of where I started and pushes me to want to get even better than I was the last year.


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Family...the extended edition


Like starting this weekend I'm about to be going into my crazy busy season so I thought I would take the opportunity while I could to knock out some blogging.  This is always one of my favorite parts of the business but also very time consuming which is the reason why it gets pushed towards the end of my to-do lists.  The Talbert family was one of my first sessions since traveling to Indianapolis for a fun photography workshop following one of my favorite photographers.  I did my best to try to use what I had learned at that workshop and apply it to this session.  What I have been working on mostly is how to use light and different perspective for every shot.  Everyone was awesome considering it was July and we were all drenched in sweat.  I was pretty excited with how all of these came out and Im pretty sure they were too!!

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Looking Back...

A few months back my parents brought over a box of my old pictures.  Oh the joy to go through and re-live all those awkward stages in life, no joke I had to wear one of those head pieces with my braces because I had a terrible overbite.  But one picture that I noticed was my senior picture.  I immediately remember the day that my momma took me to get them done.  I was so excited and brought my 18 different outfits to wear, what a fun time in my life.  Which brings me full circle to now and how I’m giving these youngsters the same kind of memories. It just seems that they are way prettier and have a sense of style beyond anything that I ever did especially since one of my pics I was wearing overalls if that gives you an indication of how long ago it was…eek!  Abby was amazing, she totally killed it in front of the camera.  What I liked most is that she had a vision for what she wanted her photographs to look like and I just kind of rolled with it.  In the end I think I gave her some amazing Senior Pictures to look back on just like I did!  

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Stud "muffin"

It’s been a long time since I've had the chance to write a blog post.  My days have been full this summer with chasing kids around, beaching and lots of sessions.  Summer 2017 has treated this girl well.  But, I wanted to make sure I highlighted this session because of a few things.  The first being that it was so much fun to capture a morning with this sweet family.  It was all Kelly’s idea she wanted the "not so traditional" maternity pictures.  I was so excited she asked me to do this for her.  I photographed their typical Saturday Morning in this lifestyle session.  The second reason is because I have a feeling that I’ll probably be focusing more on these documentary style sessions.  A bit of storytelling and raw moments.  Unposed. Natural. It was a challenge with lightning and navigating composition yet at the same time a beautiful representation of their sweet little life.  Clients, I beg you!! please book more of these sessions…I promise you will not regret it!   



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First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby...

Where there is light I will be there to chase it and this session was just full of gorgeous light.  What was more beautiful were these two parents to be;  High School sweethearts with the amazing new journey of parenthood.  What a joy it is to capture this special time in the lives of a young couple and life will surely change after their little boy enters the world.  


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Sweet Family

Hey there!  I'm going to do my best attempt to get one blog post out a week.  Seeing that I couldn't continue on my project 365 :( I'm going to try to feature one family each week.   Now back to the important stuff this ADORABLE family.  It's young love mixed with raising a toddler, sounds easy, right?  Well this little gem of a family does make it look so easy.  We shot at Phillippe Park during the dreamy golden hour.  Made for a photographers dream. My favor parts was the way I was able to capture the true connection of this family.  

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Party of 5


I've had the pleasure of photographing this sweet family when that little cute girl was 3 months old.  She was the one that actually launched this career and without the help of her Momma I don't know where Sisters Sweet Photography would be today.  Now I get the opportunity to photograph yet, another milestone in the story of this family.  Baby boy #3 comes soon and documenting the maternity part of his little life is a must. We shot at a beautiful little gem practically in my back yard.  Hammock park is this little hidden treasure with tons of greens and quaint spaces that make beautiful backdrops.  As always, this family never disappoints as they are easy on the eyes and seamless in front of the camera.  Looking forward to shooting little Koda in the next month or so...

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MO meets FL

Oh, this sweet family.  They came all the way down from St.Louis to enjoy a week of beautiful Florida weather and what happens??  Well F.L.A. decides to be temperamental.  It was coldest and windiest day.  Ugh, what do you do with that?  You do what Tim Gunn would do "make it work"  and did we just do that.  Kids did great and we were able to get some beautiful shots.  My favorite was of little Wyatt all wrapped up in his Mommy's skirt.  What was so special was that his Momma was wearing it to honor her late grandmother. I love when I find out little pieces of life like this, makes it all seem so simple.




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Big Surprise, Big Huge!

I loved working with this sweet little family.  They had never had formal family pictures before in addition to having a big announcement at the end.  So make sure you don't forget to scroll to the bottom.  We did a mix between park and urban.  This was shot in downtown Safety Harbor which allows a little bit of a mixture of both settings.  Boys were totally up for the challenge and were acting like bro's in front of the camera, I was lucky enough to catch them in their element.

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Saying Goodbye Family Lifestyle 

It's always hard to let go of something you truly love.  In this case the Authier's are saying goodbye to a home that they have lived in for over 20 years.  They have raised kids, had fellowship with friends, and made those memories.  To say goodbye and let go of this place they've know most of their life and let some other family do the same.  Hard Stuff.  They asked me to come and photograph these last moments of memories in places around their home where they did life together.  


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Fall Fun The Roper Family

The setting was right, the sun was magnificent and this family is one of my favorites.  One thing I've been working on through out the season is shooting the connections within the family that don't look so posed.  I like to really get in there and capture that hand holding or the snuggles.  Of course those little smiles are also a bonus as well.   


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Going Backwards The Linton Family

Ok, so I'm really behind on blog posts.  Like the last one I posted was from a  session in July. YIKES!  This season got so busy that I had to say "no" to something and that means giving up on these blog posts.  So while many are moving forward into the new year I'm going to be moving backwards in blogging my sessions.  The Linton's were my last family of 2016 and they were on point.  Perfectly planned outfits, with a beautiful family and those kiddos were amazing.  It was the perfect way to finish up this dream of a year!! 


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Blood Runs Deep The Blood Family {Extended Edition}

If you look closely you'll see a sweet little girl who looks familiar.  I first met this sweet family a few months ago photographing little Ellington's 6 month session well she's back and brought along her entourage.  This was fun getting to meet her family and getting to photograph those who love her the most.  We shot at Reddington Pier, it was first time shooting at this specific location but I loved it.  So scenic and rustic with the perfect sunset. It will certainly not be the last!


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Tie Breaker {Maternity}

I mean seriously, can this family not be any cuter.  And to top it all off they are making another beautiful member.  Our initial plan was to shoot at the Pier in Safety Harbor but we had to again quickly adjust this location and not because of a storm but because gamers were EVERYWHERE!  Pokemon Go has now interfered with photography sessions.  But we recovered because they were so easy going and went to Philiippe Park, where we got to have two different settings.  Looking forward to meeting this new little boy who will be making his way into the world and my studio very shortly!!!


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"Jack Be Little" {Six Month Milestone and Family}

6 months, the best age for photographing children.  They sit still, don't talk back and full of happy smiles.  And Jack was full of them, he never stopped smiling.  The bonus was his tow older siblings, he's got a huge shoes to fill keeping up with those two. We started out in downtown Safety Harbor but a huge storm rolled in so quickly that we had to change our plans.  Thankfully I have a small studio set up in my home in which we finished out his little session.  Looking forward to setting up a full studio soon in order to get more babies and sessions like this.

  Photographing families are such a blessing.  I love getting a glimpse into their lives and capturing each one's dynamics.  The Furey Family didn't disappoint.  Beautiful Family, Beautiful Children.


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