Summer 2019

Summer is about gone but, I’m trying to hold on to it with every little fiber because let me tell you this was one of the best ones yet! Kids are back in school and I’m sitting here thinking about fall and how I wish it was cooler for now, here are some photos I captured of this hot of Summer 2019…

I know this sounds crazy but my girls took 5 vacations this year. That’s nuts, right? One day I hope these girls look back and just bask in the memories that we made. Not just this summer but, every single one. We do SUMMER WELL! We did a lot of beaching and spending time with family. That’s what it’s all about, right??

From West Palm Beach, all the up to the East Coast to Cape Cod we made these memories. It was joyful but, we also shed some tears as through this we had to give back our Foster Daughter to her family. Summer is such a beautiful time for me as it means slowing down, read some books, and gives me the opportunity to work on pictures of my own babies. I’m very blessed to get to spend as much time with my girls and family as I do. So go ahead and scroll down to take a peek at these sweet memories we made…




Ybor City: A Urban Family  Photoshoot in Tampa

Ybor City: A Urban Family Photoshoot in Tampa

The majority of my clients love some good photos of their family on the beach. Why wouldn't they? After all, Clearwater Beach was voted "Best Beach in the United States" by Trip Advisor! But every now and then, I'll have clients who want to step out of the box and...

Tampa Bay: What to wear for family beach pictures.

Tampa Bay: What to wear for family beach pictures.

"Soooo, what do you think we should wear?" is THE question I get asked after scheduling the date and deciding on a Tampa Bay area beach for the shoot location. Look no further my friend, I'm going to happily answer this popular question for you! Because let's face it,...


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